Gaywool All in One dyes-

This is an  Australian Dye Company.

***please note all colours are approximate and have been shown dyed on white wool. Due to you viewing colours on a computer screen they may   be 100 % accurate.

All in One dyes are Economical for large or small dyelots.

High quality fastness properties. Total dye penetration and high dyebath exhaustion.

use vinegar or citric acid as your acid component, add to bring your ph level to 4.5-5.

These are high quality Acid dyes, suitable for wool, mohair, alpaca, angora, silk, fur , feathers and nylon.

These are suitable for the experienced dyer to the the novice. 

These dyes are fantastic for creating your own colours with the aid of a colour wheel.

Dyes can be used for immersion dying as well as rainbow, microwave, steam set or direct application dying.


Your final colour is only limited by your imagination, you can dilute, strengthen and mix with other colours to get your desired effect.

Gaywool Optilan Dark Red 100 g